Auger Electron Spectroscopy / AES,SAM
PHI 4700 Thin Film Analyzer™
PHI 4700 Thin Film Analyzer delivers speedy depth profile analysis by adopting an energy analyzer with the world's highest Auger sensitivity of 1.6 Mcps (current value 10 nA). PHI 4700 features a solid automatic AES measurement function as the world's first Auger automatic height adjustment function (Auto-Z) and also full control function both AES and SEM by a single computer with software called SmartSoft which has a reputation in easy-to-use.

Auger depth profile analysis with maximum cost performance

PHI 4700 Thin Film Analyzer is an Auger electron spectrometer focusing on excellent cost performance in depth profile analysis of micro areas. It performs high-sensitivity and quick depth profile analysis can be performed with the samples in micrometer level features on a sample which specified on the SEM.

This figure shows results from a depth profile analysis of a normal area and discolored area on a gold-plated electrode from a cell phone used for many years. Oxygen and nickel generated due to corrosion can be found from both samples of the gold-plated film that interfaces with nickel-phosphorus alloy. However, depth profile result of electrode 2 (discolored area) shows that metallic nickel is spreading into the gold-plated film causing discoloration.

High-throughput measurement based on the high-sensitivity analyzer and automatic measurement

PHI 4700 Thin Film Analyzer shortens the measurement time by high-sensitivity analyzer. And the automatic measurement function of PHI 4700 makes it a productive instrument for measuring multiple samples in a short period of time.

Automatic measurement can be performed easily by anyone. The measurement position can be registered simply by clicking on the sample holder image displayed on the software screen. Data necessary for total analysis of product/process management can be acquired as well.
Simple operation by Windows® software

SmartSoft-4700 is software that controls the PHI 4700 Thin Film Analyzer running on Windows®.

The series of operation tabs for measurement, from measurement positioning through SEM observation to Auger measurement and data display, are laid out on a single screen for easy operation. All operations including taking in/out of samples or sputtering are fully sequence-controlled without any complicated procedures, allowing even beginners to operate it easily.

Extensive measurement functions include mapping, flexible depth profile, and Zalar rotation functions.

Simple operation on a single screen and various measurement functions of SmartSoft™-4700 will increase the efficiency of analysis work and provide satisfactory measurement results.